Welcome to Shot to Shot

First off, you maybe wondering, why is the web address onewtonphoto.wordpress.com instead of shottoshot.wordpress.com? Well this is, after all, my blog about my photography and I wanted to keep it synonymous with my contact information that most people know me by; but honestly, I was indecisive about what to call my blog. So for the time being “Shot to Shot” is the temporary name that may evolve into something more, and when the time comes, the site will follow suit.

Overall, this is my first time blogging. Although I had experience writing news articles for my high school and college newspapers, blogging seems to pertain towards a completely different experience for me. It’s not everyday that I put my writing out into the world to be read, moreover my personal thoughts.

My goals for this blog: Keep it structured, keep it interesting, and most of all, keep it moving. By developing quirky regular postings such as “Marco Mondays” as well as creating additional projects for myself, I hope to grow as a photographer and provide interesting content for my readers.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will continue reading.

P.S.: You may notice two previous articles prior to this post. They’re from an earlier version of a blog that I developed in class several months ago with plans to develop them into something larger. I hope you find the content enjoyable.

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