Snow Shoot 1

Jess Ruiz Winter Shoot
Model: Jess Ruiz / Camera Settings: 1/40 F3.5 @ 44mm with flash through umbrella camera left.

Hello all,

I’ve been on hiatus from my blog for quite some time now mostly due to a combination of personal matters, opportunities, and a brief lack of. Nevertheless, I am hoping to make a new start with the arrival of this new year to be more diligent in both my blog and my projects, which should hopefully be making an appearance come mid spring.

But I digress. Today’s post is about a brief photo shoot I had with model Jess Ruiz out in Hoboken, NJ. This is a first for the both of us to ever have worked outdoors in cold before, so this mostly became an exercise in resilience, both for our bodies and the equipment.

Unfortunately our shoot started a bit later than scheduled, so I wasn’t quite prepared for low light shooting which is difficult for my camera’s auto focus to handle (note to self: buy a attachable LED light), but I made do using nearby street lamps to assist in focusing.

Being winter and the New York City area pounded by snow, I wanted to incorporate into the shot. However, since the snow at the time of the shoot was barely visible, by the spur of the moment, Jess began throwing snow at my camera. As shown in the second image, it brought a bit of magic, albeit artificial, to the shot and I felt that it came out quite nicely.

In terms of the technical details, my Sunpak 433d was fired at 1/2 to full power through a 40″ softbox brolly and triggered by a Youguo Rf-620 camera left of me. Due to sidewalk constraints, and being left-handed, I found it to be the most useful position for quick adjustments.

Jess Ruiz Winter Shoot
Model: Jess Ruiz / Camera Settings: 1/40 F3.5 @ 54mm with flash through umbrella camera left.

In closing, the cold didn’t present too much of problem on both Jess, myself, and the equipment, so I plan conducting a similar shoot in the next week or so when there is some fresh snow on the ground.

Thanks for reading.

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