My Favorite Published & Unpublished News Photos of 2011

The start of a new year is only two weeks a way and it’s truly a exciting sensation. However, before crossing the chronological threshold into 2012, it seems as good a time as any to begin looking back and sorting through the work that I’ve accomplished in 2011 and wish to share with you. In particular, what I participate most with my photography: journalism.

While most of my news work this year has already been sorted down to slightly over a thousand, and even less for the ones that were actually published during my time working for The Bronx Free Press (January – April) and the Bronx Times (July – November) this year, it doesn’t make it any easier in deciding which ones are my favorite and the ones that show technical skill. Nevertheless, I was able to bring it to 30 images (a fairly random number since trying find only twelve was proving too difficult) for display in this post. Some where published while others are personal favorites that I did while on assignment but weren’t considered for the purposes of the article. So in my best efforts, each image set will have a caption, link to an article (most of which I wrote myself) or date and page number of where you can find it. Let’s begin.

"I think the economy is getting better. Last year was tough, but now people are coming back and are willing to buy luxuries such as roses," said Jorge E. Zambrano, owner of Select Roses near Bruckner Blvd. and Cypress Avenue. (Roses by the Brushel - The Bronx Free Press - 2.16.2011)

Bronx Borough Presidet Ruben Diaz Jr. delivering the 2011 State of the Borough Address at Dewitt Clinton High School. ("Un Solo Bronx: President Ruben Diaz Jr. Speaks of Challenge and Promise at State of the Borough Address" - The Bronx Free Press - 3.02.2011)
The students of PS 315 stretch their arms out in hopes of rising voices in the audience with Voices Rising 2011 last poetic piece, "Eyes Move to Move Voices Within", at the Schonberg Center in Harlem, Thurs., Mar. 3. ("Voices Rise, and Poetry Spills Fourth" - The Bronx Free Press - 3.09.2011)
Original Products Botanicas sells a wide variety of colognes, oils, and incenses all in different colors with different meanings and purposes. ("A Dose, An Ounce, A Dollar: The Price of Spiritual Dealing and Healing" - The Bronx Free Press - 3.09.2011)
Rita Martinez, an employee at Original Products Botanica for six years, measures penny royal herb into purchasable bags. "Some people think it's wheat," she says. ("A Dose, An Ounce, A Dollar: The Price of Spiritual Dealing and Healing" - The Bronx Free Press - 3.09.2011)
Green Bay Packer and Super Bowl Champion, Andrew Quarless signing autographs for children at The Bronx Mathematics Preparatory School, March 16, 2011. ("Lessons in Success at Bronx School – from an NFL Champion and American Idol Finalist" - The Bronx Free Press - 3.30.2011)
"Even when something is tough, I try my best," said Naomi Maria, age 6, at her parent-teacher conference. In photo, Naomi reads a story called "The Sleepy Day", a project she helped lead in her first grade class on and also helped boost her self confidence. (How to Grow a Girl: A Charter School Model - The Bronx Free Press - 3.23.2011)
Summer Warwick-Goksan, 16, from Cardinal Spellman High School, rehearing the song "Showoff" from the "Drowsy Chaperone" in the hallway outside I.S 192's auditorium. ("Actors Come to Hollywood (Avenue) to Strut and Shine" - The Bronx Free Press - 4.06.2011)
Craig Quat, from the Band of Jugglers, balances a club on his chin outside of Yankee Stadium on opening day. He and the other jugglers were hired by the 161 Street Bid to help promote the businesses of the neighborhood in which the stadium resides. ("As Yankees Call Batter Up, 161st Opens Up Shop" - The Bronx Free Press - 4.06.11)
The annual Bronx Dominican Parade made its way down the Grand Concourse on Sunday, July 24, as thousands of participants joined or cheered parade from the sidewalk. (Bronx Times - July 28-Aug 3, 2011 - Cover)
Colorful dancers perform along the Grand Concourse, Sunday July 24, to celebrate the Dominican Day Parade. (For Bronx Times - Unpublished)
Eva Perez (left) and Johnny Sanchez (right) from the Grand Concourse dancing to salsa and mambo at the Fordham Road Renaissance Festival, August 21. (For Bronx Times - Unpublished)
Ramon "Dobrado" Thompson displays his capoeira techniques the Fordham Road and Morris Avenue area of the festival as apart of the capoeira group Abada-Capoeira, located in the Kingsbridge section of the Bronx.
Rolando Paulino team standing to the national anthem along the first baseline at Yankee Stadium for the inaugural Bronx Borough President's Cup, August 31. (Bronx Times - Published - Some time in September - can't find my printed clip at the moment)
Many gathered in respect and reflection towards those lost on September 11 at the 10th anniversary commemoration at Lehman College, September 12. (For Bronx Times, Unpublished)
Assistant Chief Edward Delatorre discussing the influence Marcella R. Brown has had in bringing cooperative involvement between the community and law enforcement as he accepted a Law Enforcement Leadership award from the Foundation, September 23. (For Bronx Times, Unpublished)
Steven Readly, 17, from South Bronx, playing in a chess tournament held by the Jerome-Gun Hill BID fair. (Bronx Times - Sept. 29-Oct. 5 - Cover)
Angel Ramirez, 13, from Fordham, going 1-on-1 against AND1 street-ball star "Hot Sauce". (Bronx Times - "Jerome Gun-Hill BID Hosts 10th Annual Festival" - Oct. 6-12, 2011 - pg. 36)
Lee Juneha, 10, from South Korea, looks on as Bronx Zoo curatorial science fellow, Valorie Titus, feeds 6 and 7-year-old Galapagos tortoises a pumpkin for as a seasonal treat. (Bronx Times - "Bronx Zoo's Boo at the Zoo" - Oct. 13-19, 2011 - pg. 22)
Assemblyman Mancos Crespo, NYS Senator Ruben Diaz, Bronx Pres. Ruben Diaz Jr., Rev. Andy Torres, Dr. Hector Chiesa, and other community leaders joined arm in arm to march for the dignity of immigrants through the Melrose section of the Bronx, October 2. (Unpublished - For Bronx Times cover article "Marching for Dignity" - Oct. 13-19 2011)
Hundreds marched through Melrose, Bronx, for the dignity of immigrants and immigration reform, October 2. (Unpublished - For Bronx Times cover article "Marching for Dignity" - Oct. 13-19 2011)
Hundreds marched through Melrose, Bronx, for the dignity of immigrants and immigration reform, October 2. (Unpublished - For Bronx Times cover article "Marching for Dignity" - Oct. 13-19 2011)
Welby Escamilla, 18, from Melrose, holds an American Flag at the base of the Bronx County Courthouse in the March for the Dignity of Immigrants in Melrose, October 2. (Unpublished - For Bronx Times cover article "Marching for Dignity" - Oct. 13-19 2011)
Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. and Rev. Joel Bauza, from the New York Hispanic Clergy, speaking to the crowd outside the Bronx County Courthouse for the March of the Dignity of Immigrants, October 2. (Unpublished - For Bronx Times cover article "Marching for Dignity" - Oct. 13-19 2011)

There is always something powerful about photographing marches and protests.

Maritza Rivera, from East Harlem, and Warren Leong, from Port Morris, Bronx, dance on the Grand Concourse during the Viva Bronx Festival by Hostos Community College, 147 st., October 2. (For Bronx Times, Unpublished)
NY Department of Education Chancellor Dennis Wilcott the at Lehman College Saturday October 15, kicking off the borough's first educational summit called "From Cradle to Career". (For Bronx Times, Unpublished)
,” said Karthy Landi Zamechansky, President of KZA Realty Group, becoming a bit teary-eyed after receiving an honor from Bronx BP Ruben Diaz Jr. celebrating Italian-American heritage at the Belmont Library, October 20. (For Bronx Times –  Unpublished)””]
Dahiana Laucer, 18, from University Heights, marching along Fordham Rd., October 22, a part of the NWCCC "Occupy Bronx" rally. (Bronx Times - "Occupy The Bronx momentum gains; protest enters week 4" - Nov. 3-9 2011, pg. 14)
Cyclists roll down 161st as they begin to embark on their 40 mile journey through the Bronx during the Tour de Bronx, October 23. (For Bronx Times, Unpublished)
NYS Senator Gustavo Rivera speaking with students of Mt. Saint Ursula on locations to buy healthy food in the Bronx on Food Day, October 22. (For Bronx Times, Unpublished)

Here is to a great year. I hope more is to come in 2012.

P.S: Since  the Bronx Times just recently created their website, I’m unfortunately unable to web link any of the photos to their articles and thus are only visible via print edition (click on the images from the The Bronx Free Press to read the linked article). Moreover, while a lot of the images I selected from the Bronx Times were unpublished, this is due to my personal preference and that other corresponding photos that I provided were used instead for their respective articles.

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