Down But Not Out

Down But Not Out
East Central Park, New York. ISO 200, Vivitar 28mm on E-PL2 at 1/125 sec @ f/8. Some post processing done on the greens.

I haven’t posted any articles lately due to being depressed with my work. I guess this happens with every artist at one time or another, but lately I’ve feeling that my work is uninspiring and isn’t leading towards anything. Perhaps it’s a bit naive of me after only shooting for nine year of my life to expect so much from my work while seasoned photographers and artists usually do not become noticed until after 20 years of work. But coupling this with my continued search for work in my post graduate life, being patient is painful.

So is my work going anywhere? I don’t know. But after watching the documentary “Bill Cunningham: New York” on the 80-year-old New York Times fashion photographer still working with film in this digital era with speed and accuracy, I found inspiration that consistency and process eventually pays off. So I may be down, but I’m not out and I will keep shooting for the fun of it and hope that the growth of my consistency and process will lead to where I want to be.

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