A New Website for 2016

A New Website for 2016
by Osjua Newton January 09, 2016

Happy 2016! With a new year upon us, I decided to update my website to make it more iPad (HTML 5) compatible. Hopefully with this new template I will have the both the flexibility and capacity to display both my upcoming video and graphics projects that will debut this year as well as better gallery presentation for the photography that was posted before.

The Changes

• The new sidebar function offers a clearer navigation compared the header function on the previous website. I have also broken down the portfolio categories for more direct access subjects for easier viewer engagement.

• The Old Blog and it’s content is still viewable. Since it was cumbersome to import all the wordpress content while maintaining the attached images into this format, I decided to just leave a link in the navigation sidebar. All new content will proceed on this blog, but for those who still wish to read my previously philosophies on photography (and mainly so I can remind myself of them as well) just click “Old Blog” and all the old content should be functioning.

Hopefully, further along the year I can include social media and map integration for the more community based projects I have in the future. While I’m unsure whether this format can handle it, I do plan on using it at least as a presentation gateway to those types of projects which were difficult to design for while using the old format.

Well that’s all for now. Happy New Year again, and I intend to show some new content soon.

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