Going Colorblind

People naturally see in color, yet some of the world's greatest photographs are shot black and white. Beyond the technical aspect that film was originally and only available in black and white, I am still perplexed by both the world's and my own growing desire to keep shooting in this medium amidst the color digital photography era. (Photos taken with an Olympus E-PL2 and a Vivitar 28mm f2.5 lens) [caption...

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Foto Friday - 3.30.2012

[caption id="attachment_684" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption="Rivwedale, Bronx, NY. 231st. Shot with a Vivitar 28nm on an...

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Does Using Art Filters Limit Your Style?

Every photographer has a favorite image style of the moment: Black and white. Sepia. Pop Art. Yet, back in the film era there was a manual process in order to "exhibit" this style. A photographer had to buy the proper film, mix the right amount of chemicals, and lastly expose the correct amount of light to the paper in order to get the print to reflect "their" style. Nowadays, however, click a tab via one's favorite program...

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Foto Friday - 03.23.2012

[caption id="attachment_676" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption="Eastern-Parkway and Utica Ave. Brooklyn, NY. Shot with an OM 50mm E-PL2."][/caption] I took this photography in February (cropped the edges a bit) and might I say, I am strongly disappointed by that film ad of "Safe House" with Denzel...

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A Day Out Shooting the Neighborhood with the Vivitar 28mm

After a long break since the new year, I'm finally getting back into the rhythm of street photography. Lately I've been focusing on other ideas and writing grant proposals, so I just haven't spent a full day out to go shooting even though I've been bringing my E-PL2 every where I go. Therefore, last week was a welcomed experience to just calm down with one camera, one lens, and to shoot whats around me in the...

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